Ear Cuffs How To Wear Guide

How to wear ear cuffs If you are new to ear cuffs, here is a quick guide to putting them on, and styling them as part of a curated ear. The best thing about ear cuffs, anyone can wear them, as you don't require piercings!

Step one - Slide Ear Cuff onto upper ear.

Step one

Find the thinnest section of cartilage on the upper ear, pull outwards to flatten slightly. Slip the ear cuff onto the ear at this point.

One side of the cuff should sit on the front of the ear, the other behind the ear.

Scream Pretty ear cuffs should not be squeezed onto the ear - the opening on the fixed shape ear cuff should fit all ears.

TIP - use a mirror for the first few times until you get the feel for it.

Step two - Position the Ear Cuff

Step two

Once the cuff is comfortably on the ear, rotate inwards and slide downwards towards your lobe, it will natural find a comfortable nook to sit on your ear.

The ear cuff will be positioned midway along the outer rim of your ear, just above the earlobe.

Step three - Check the fit of the Ear Cuff.

Step three

Give the ear cuff a small tug outwards. If it is fitted correctly it wont come off!

Step four - Styling your ear Ear Cuff


The curated ear trend - is made for ear cuffs. Stack multiple ear cuffs together for impact. Match up with tiny studs or hoops for an everyday look. Get creative, you can even wear ear cuffs on the lobe!

Step Five - Removing an Ear Cuff

Step Five 

To remove your ear cuff, hold your ear, and flatten the cartilage just above the lobe, rock the cuff up and over the 'bump' of cartilage and it should just slip off!

NB: Our slim sparkling ear cuffs are delicate pieces of jewellery and fitting them correctly will ensure they don't get damaged or bent. The opening is big enough to slip on most ears if fitted as above.